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Abolish Direct Provision Ireland is a grassroots Campaign started by asylum seekers in County Monaghan in November 2018 with thREe main purpose;

1. creating awareness about this horrible system of Direct Provision


2. empoweRING asylum seekers while they wait for their international protection application to be processed


3. engagING the government to FIND ALTERNATIVES FOR this inhumane systeM OF DIRECT PROVISION, which IS operating in Ireland since 1999.

We are constantly campaigning for the end of Direct Provision, but if we are going to succeed. We will need help.

We are asking everyone to contact their local TD or Councillor with OUR template email 

This simple act will help us towards shifting public opinion, and the opinion of our elected representatives.


If you can't do this, please sign our petition and change our society for the better.

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