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Voices from Direct Provision is a unique series of essays, reflections and poems about life in direct provision in Ireland. It is written by asylum seekers and gives first-hand accounts of the deplorable living conditions endured by those detained at direct provision centres. For the ADPI it was vital that the campaign provided a safe space for anonymous submissions, outlining the reality of daily life in direct provision, the fears and stark conditions endured by internees at the 70 direct provision centres spread across 23 counties in Ireland.


BOOK 1 (2019)

BOOK 2 (2020)

Book 3 (2020/2021

 Online Launch on 20th June 2021.

“The Voices from Direct Provision book gives a vital empowering voice to the concerns of people stranded in the limbo of the Irish direct provision experience. On World Refugee Day we remember the almost 80 million people worldwide who have been driven from their homes. In Ireland we must ask both ourselves as a society, and our government as our representatives, how we have faced up to our responsibilities to treat refugees and asylum seekers with dignity, respect and justice. 

Direct Provision is a broken system which denies asylum seekers rights guaranteed under the Irish constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights. I encourage everyone to sign the Abolish Direction Provision petition and support the call for an amnesty and full right to remain for all asylum seekers in Ireland”.

Other Reviews

  • Just received my copy of the Voices From Direct Provision Book. Hugely important to have people's voices recorded and out there like this. Well done all involved.

  • Concise yet comprehensive introduction to the history and current form of Direct Provision in Ireland, written and published by asylum seekers. Highly recommended.

  • I love it. Anything you could possibly need to know in there.

  • If somebody who knew nothing about DP read it, they would be horrified.

  • It's very factual and informative.

  • Voices From Direct Provision Book is a deeply important collection, documenting the facts of the direct provision system & recording the lives of the asylum seekers trapped inside Ireland's brutal system.

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