Voices from Direct Provision is a series of submissions ABOUT LIFE IN DIRECT PROVISION FROM ASYLUM SEEKERS.

For asylum seekers, ADPI CAMPAIGN has provided a safe space for anonymous submissions, outlining the deplorable living conditions Direct Provision poses.

The Voices from Direct Provision book will consist of  submissions, voicing the concerns of people stranded in the limbo that is DIRECT PROVISION FOR YEARS.

1. Introductions - a small intro to institutionaliSation in Ireland; an overview of how ADPI was founded;

2. Voices from Direct Provision - a collection of written and audio submissions from asylum seekers spanning 2018-2019

3. KEY INFORMATION -Annual Cost of Direct Provision, History of the system, Locations of each DP Centre in Ireland by County, Poems from asylum seekers and Irish citizens about DIRECT PROVISION, Racism and migration

VFDP Book Cover.jpg