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Abolish Direct Provision Ireland (ADPI) is a Grassroots Campaign since 2018 with the main goal of creating awareness, empowering asylum seekers and engaging the Government to abolish this brutal system of Direct Provision.

All Policy Decisions are made at our Annual Conference by Asylum Seekers in attendance from majority of direct provision centres present.

The Role of Volunteers is to help implement the decisions of the conference and develop empowerment projects for asylum seekers during the year. Persons don't need to volunteer for the entire year but can help based upon the project of their interest or time availability during the year.

ADPI is not hierarchical and projects after decided by asylum seekers are discuss in groups for planning and implementation purpose during the year.

ADPI is not affiliated to no Political Party in Ireland. We believe in cross party discussions with all political parties for the systematic and timely dismantling of direct provision in Ireland.

ADPI is not a religious group. Asylum Seekers in the Campaign are from different countries and faith. We encourage the respect of individuals religion and don't encourage discussions at our meetings or group forums.

ADPI is not an NGO or don't receive any funding from the Government annually.

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