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Abolish DP

 is a Grassroots CAMPAIGN,

 with a collective of diverse people working together to bring an END 

to Direct Provision 


Failure to Act Is an Act of Failure


1. Create Awareness of the Direct Provision System

In Ireland only 1 in 10 people know about the Direct Provision (DP) System. DP started in 1999 as a means for housing asylum seekers. Designed as a temporary base for six months this accommodation system holds families in isolated areas with little or no access to basic services for years. Parents have reported spending a minimum of three years in deplorable conditions; with whole families in one room, including children, and individuals sleeping on mattresses. This causes long-term damage to health, educationally disadvantages children and adults, and isolates asylum seekers from the Irish community. This is compounding the damage already experienced by asylum seekers who have fled dangerous conditions such as war, genocide or persecution. 


2. Empowerment of Asylum Seekers

It is our objective to unite asylum seekers and provide a platform of empowerment and recognition. To ensure their voice is heard. Many asylum seekers feel hopeless living in DP due to the inhumane treatment they're receiving. Our campaign seeks to create social change, in order to protect and support them.

3. Engagement

Our legal and research team is putting together a series of events and a working paper demanding the Government of Ireland abolish the system of Direct Provision.

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