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Please copy the email template and send to your TD or Local Councillor about the Human Rights abuse happening at direct provision centres in your town or county.

Here is a list of contacts for your TDs

If you receive a reply from your TD please forward it to for us to follow up with for action


(Your address)


Dear (x local TD of X constituency), 

I am writing to you with a deep sense of urgency and concern for the members of Direct Provision in Ireland. I wish to draw your attention to the inadequate living conditions experienced by members of Direct Provision. These dreadful living conditions have increased these members of our society’s vulnerability to the deadly COVID-19 virus. This system is over 22 years old, and I would value your support in bringing this system to an end.

People living in Direct Provision are subjected to countless human rights abuses which are in contravention of both the Irish Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003. 

The right to an adequate standard of living, including adequate food is a recognised human right under Human Rights Law, including Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, the quality of the food provided in Direct Provision Centres falls sort of this standard. The food is not child friendly nor does it meet nutritional guideline daily amounts. It is essential that people living in direct provision are given nutritious food, particularly as they are not given access to facilities in order to prepare their own meals.

The lack of fair complaint procedures for members of Direct Provision communities is particularly worrying. People have no way of responding to abuses of power or to neglect. They feel completely helpless and it is our duty to respond to their call and make it our priority to help increase their standard of living. Fair procedures are a fundamental right under the Irish Constitution. Article 40.3 (1) and (2) guarantees the right of people within the State to defend and vindicate their personal rights.

Here is a report documented by the not-for-profit organisation ‘Abolish Direct Provision Ireland’’ where an asylum seeker with mental health challenges was left to sleep at the gate of Balseskin Direct Provision Centre. This exemplifies the State’s ongoing failure to protect and vindicate the life and personal rights of those living in Direct Provision Centres.

The situation in Direct Provision centres continues to worsen. The number of suicide is increasing tremendously in these camps for profits because no medical assessment is given to asylum seekers upon arrival into Ireland, despite them being required by EU Reception laws which have been transposed into Irish Law under the European Communities (Reception Conditions) Regulations 2018.

I would value your support in seeking immediate action to alleviate the human rights abuses suffered by those living in Direct Provision.

Immediate action points include: 

  1. Independent living for families in Direct Provision more than 6 months and stop accommodating them in low standard hotel rooms as emergency accommodation. This would ensure the State is in compliance with their obligations under Article 41.1 2° to protect the Family.

  2. The right for people living in Direct Provision to cook or the provision of nutritional meals which will protect and develop the immune systems of these people.

  3. Fair complaint procedures must be put in place for these people to feel seen and heard. 

  4. Right to Work for anyone in Direct Provision more than 3 months without their case being processed by IPO.

  5. Provide records of asylum seekers (including babies) that died while in the State care as an International Protection Applicant especially Sylvia Tukula who died at Great Western DP Centre in County Galway and was buried secretly by the State. A brief list of deaths in direct provision centres can be found on Abolish Direct Provision Campaign website.

  6. Investigation into allegations of human rights abuse by the Management of St. Patrick’s Direct Provision Centre in County Monaghan.

These people have lived in undignified and inadequate conditions for long enough. Now, more than ever, we must make it our priority to protect their human rights and act with urgency and compassion. I look forward to hearing from you. 

My sincere gratitude, 


X X X 

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