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Abolish Direct Provision Ireland is a civil society grassroots movement founded in 2019, pushing the boundaries of previous Irish Social movements. We aRE campaigning FOR AN equal Ireland, where ALL ARE fREE.

What does Abolish Direct Provision Ireland do?

We Investigate present DP Centres throughout the country. 

We Support Refugees and Citizens to claim their rights through training 

We Mobilise diverse supporters across Ireland to fight for Human Rights

We Lobby the Government to stop DP and respect the UN Convention

We Change Ireland.



Ombudsmen Emma O'Reilly

“We have become quite adept at apologising for the sins of earlier generations/there may also be significant blind spots in our self-appraisal/I suggest that our treatment of asylum seekers over the past decade or so represents one such blind spot.”

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Justice Donal O'Donnell

“the damage to the individual’s self-worth and sense of themselves was exactly the damage that the constitutional right to seek employment sought to guard against”

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Judge Catherine McGuiness

'At some future point, the Government will find it necessary to apologise publicly for the damage done, in particular, to the children of asylum seekers — just as it has had to apologise to former residents of industrial schools and the Magdalene laundries, who were the victims of abuse as well as of State indifference.'


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